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Hi, I am Chef Jaya, at least what I am referred to as in the kitchen, though I prefer to just be called Jaya. I reside in Wilmington, NC where I was born and raised. I began cooking with my mom and grandma as a little girl. Grew up cooking for friends and family gatherings. I've always loved the power of food, how food can bring us together, no matter the circumstance, how food makes us all feel, and how it comforts us. That inspired me to pursue culinary school. Since then, I have had great opportunities to work under awesome chefs, particularly female chefs, which are hard to come by. They were there to push me in the right direction, help me build a stronger voice and leadership within the kitchen, and later on gave me sous chef and kitchen manager positions. I have been in the industry for 5 years now. I also work from home as a private caterer and baker for special events. I enjoy traveling for work and teaming up with other amazing chefs and cooks.

Growing up in the south, my dishes are impacted by that upbringing. In every dish, there is a southern comfort feel attached. When asked if I have a specialty dish or particular cuisine, I never know how to respond because I am inspired by many cuisines and cultures and i thoroughly enjoy cooking different kinds of foods, fusing cuisines, revamping a traditional dish. On social media, I am known as the french toast queen because I love to recreate this simple breakfast dish with different types of breads, toppings, techniques, and plating. Locally, I have gained a great deal of business for baking deliciously beautiful cakes and have recently begun shipping cakes. Most recently, I started making cooking videos which has prompted me to write down recipes and share those as well.

I hope you are able to experience who I am, my love, and joy for cooking and food through the recipes and photos shared.
From me to you,
- Jaya

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